What Is Pilates ?

Pilates aims to rebalance the body improving posture, strength, core stability, flexibility and balance. Pilates targets both mind and body with smooth flowing movements co-ordinated with efficient breathing. The progressive, functional exercises are ideal for individuals recovering from injury to those wishing to enhance performance.

Individuals are now taking up Pilates as part of their ever day lives. Desk based workers with poor posture, people with back or neck pain, post-natal mothers and those who want to tone up are just some of the groups who feel that Pilates works for them!

Pilates has been proved to be beneficial in the prevention and rehabilitation of many injuries and conditions including back pain, neck pain and arthritis. It is used by many sports people and many of our recommendations come via health professionals. The focus on correct breathing movement can also benefit those suffering from asthma or stress related conditions.

Pilates was first developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s but gained popularity as it was adopted by physiotherapists as a form of rehabilitation exercise in the 1990’s.

Many of the previous classical exercises have been broken down to be less complicated and difficult with the option of progressing and adapting as needed.

From the original model there has been a more scientific approach as we know and understand more about the body, especially with regard to anatomy and physiology and biomechanics. There are lots of different variations of and alignment and focusing on improving weaknesses and imbalances it can be seen very much as an holistic approach.