Effective Pilates, run by Lynn McCulloch, is based in Hertfordshire: Cuffley, Goffs Oak, Broxbourne, Wormley, Hoddesdon, and Cheshunt.

Lynn is very passionate about Pilates and her goal is to help people create and maintain a healthy and improved lifestyle by incorporating Pilates into their everyday life.

Sessions are truly for all ages and abilities and she teaches classes at various levels from beginners through to intermediate level. There are men attending most of the classes.

All the classes are informal and friendly and take place in comfortable surroundings. Please email Lynn to get details of current dates, venue and prices. Group sessions can be as little as £9 per session.

Lynn is STOTT trained – one of the most highly recognised international qualifications. She holds a CYQ Level III and is registered and insured by REPs (The Exercise Register for Fitness Professionals).

One to one sessions are available which include a personal postural assessment with specific exercises and stretches to suit your needs.

Benefits of doing Pilates?

  • Safe and effective exercise that improves posture and mobility
  • Targets core muscles as well as improving balance and agility
  • Improves injury rehabilitation and Injury prevention
  • Great for pre and post natal mums
  • Improves strength and endurance of the core muscles and helps with stability
  • Improves bone density and strength